Who we are - Nengvaanemkeskama Nempayvaam Enlhet (NNE)

    In 1995, Ernesto Unruh and Hannes Kalisch founded the Enlhet Institute Nengvaanemkeskama Nempayvaam Enlhet (“Growing our language and knowledge”) with the aim of collecting Enlhet accounts and preserving the people’s language. Ernesto Unruh is Enlhet; Hannes Kalisch obtained academic linguistic training in Germany. He has lived in an Enlhet community for thirty years and got married there twenty years ago.
    In 1997, Nengvaanemkeskama Nempayvaam Enlhet (NNE) presented a coherent orthography for Enlhet, and we are also working with the Enlhet Teacher's Association to make the use of Enlhet more accessible in schools. Since 1998, NNE has expanded its work to include the Toba-Enenlhet and Guaná languages, which belong to the same language family as Enlhet. We have now developed their – now official – orthographies.
    As members of Enlhet society, we have earned the trust of the narrators. They have entrusted us with their accounts with the explicit wish that they are made accessible to Enlhet society, even after their death. NNE is well known among the Enlhet for this activity.
    Outside Enlhet society, we are considered experts on the subject of Enlhet. We work with the Secretaría de Políticas Lingüísticas (a Paraguayan government agency for languages) and have links with several universities in South and North America, as well as Europe.